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Udi Mann

Co Founder  / CEO

An Israeli architect, interior designer and project manager with extensive experience in developing and marketing CAD (computer aided design) software, and a broad business background following his establishment of several business ventures including Kanbonim, a planning system for easing the building process for individuals building their own homes. 

Michael Werman

Co Founder / CTO

A professor of Computer Science at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a leading expert on computer vision and graphics who has published more than 100 scientific papers in the field.  He has served as a consultant to a number of Israeli hi-tech companies in Israel and abroad, including Microsoft, Sportview and Avid. Professor Werman has also conducted post-doctorate work at Harvard, Princeton, MIT and the University of Minnesota.

Eyal More


An accountant and attorney in Jerusalem, part-time CFO of the company.

Shai Waisel


Shai Waisel, VP R&D  is an experienced R&D team leader and algorithm and 3d developer.
Former founder  CEO and CTO in several startups: Fusion Laser, Scan Direct,  GraphiTech ltd. Cardo Credit Signatures Ltd:, (Shanghai),  WonderNet Ltd



iMeasure Ltd. is developing revolutionary camera-based measurement technology that will rapidly and precisely measure three-dimensional structures in conjunction with augmented reality technology.
The company’s initial focus is to develop a unique, easy-to-use measuring device with unparalleled accuracy for the construction industry and related service providers who spend billions of dollars annually for measurement devices and services.
iMeasure will be easy to use, shorten construction times, reduce costly measurement mistakes, lower construction costs and save the time and expense of travel to construction sites.   
By digitizing 3D space, iMeasure intends to change the construction sector in the same way that the cellphone revolutionized the business and private sectors. It will be used in conjunction with a tablet, PC or augmented reality glasses, and far surpass manual and laser-based measurement devices.
The iMeasure will quickly and accurately calculate precise measurements of an area and objects in it, overlay those measurements on a view of the area appearing on a tablet, or a visor attached to a hard hat, and enable users to layer in other data, such as architectural drawings or diagrams, by selecting from a menu appearing on the screen.  
iMeasure will enable the transmission of accurate measurement data and images to off-site suppliers in real-time (e.g. carpenters, plumbers, window manufacturers and furniture makers), provide exact dimensions and measurements of a building space, and eliminate trips to building sites by each supplier.  
iMeasure’s ease of use, speed, accuracy, immediate processing and transmission capability, will transform iMeasure into a ‘must-have’ tool for contractors, interior designers, real estate agents and municipal inspectors. Its 3D capabilities will enable it to compete successfully against laser-based measurement tools which operate on a “point to point” basis. The company plans to produce a range of devices with various levels of complexity at different price points ($1.5K-$3K) for specific market segments. The founders believe that iMeasure technology will also have application in the military/security, gaming, robotics and indoor navigation markets.

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